… And When Mother Calls, Step Into Her Peace

El Juglador juggled through the messages he felt were meant for me. “Gaia wants you to go to the ocean. You need to dive into her waters,” he said. “You will understand.”

He gave no guidance other than that. I didn’t need anything, to tell the truth. Suddenly I knew. As the ever-faithful student, I heeded the call.

The next morning dawned clear and warm, the sun peeking from the horizon just behind the buildings of downtown Miami. It took a while to drive from my home near the Everglades at the western edges of the county, but the call pulled me toward the sunrise and toward the ocean.

The water was almost like glass. Soft ripples waved. Seagulls called. Fish leapt and splashed. Nature pulled me into the water.

I stepped gently, not wanting to make too much of an impact; wanting to become one with nature, not an intruder. I immersed myself into the ocean, then settled into a sitting position in the shallowness.

I meditated within nature, surrounded not only by air now. I grounded, immersed in her. Ripples shot toward me at one point, as if a school of fish were heading my way. Something in me was afraid until I realized the fear was misplaced. Nothing would hurt me.

Nothing did.

Tree on the beach

In silence, I settled back down and listened. Soon enough, I heard Her call. I felt Her peace. I knew Her love. The next time the ripples headed toward me, I waited and watched them cut around me. I felt the energy fill my heart and heal my soul.

I felt Her joy and it became mine.

I have always found my peace outside, but never as strongly as these past few years. As my spirituality has grown, my participation at the local health club has withered away. I would rather walk three miles around my little portion of Gaia than bury myself in a cold, concrete building to run a 5K on a treadmill.

Mother Earth is the ultimate spotting partner for my workouts. I need not worry.

Grateful that I had been able to participate in this natural healing session, I knelt on the seaweed floor and raised my arms in a sun salute yoga pose.

On an oddly similar note … last night my family and I went to see Dawn of The Planet of The Apes, part of the series of apocalyptic movies about a world where humans become subservient to apes. What little ole’ nature-lover me learned from this movie was where the apes lived happily amongst the trees of the Pacific Northwest, the humans were desperate without power, teetering on the edge of extinction without their electronic devices.

Very sad. But really, I wonder if it will not take a Simian Flu to bring down man. Could humanity simply be brought down by one massive solar flare shot toward our satellites? Are we really that vulnerable?

I urge you, my friends, to take advantage of your little piece of heaven on Mother Earth. Find your strength in nature. Maybe you don’t have a beach within driving distance. Maybe your closest escape is the city park or the little piece of land between where your driveway and the sidewalk meet. Sometimes, you may only have a glimpse of the sun or a whisper of fresh air.

Really, I think it might be enough just to realize that something exists outside the concrete of our cities. Take a walk. Sit on your car and stare at a starry night sky or at a colorful sunset. Accept that we are part of something greater than ourselves.

I encourage you to look for and consider the benefits of Gaia, or Mother Earth. It worked wonders for me that day.

Namaste, my friends,

The Dragonfly’s Student



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