Growth isn’t easy

Studying and learning.

When the lessons are about something outside of yourself, like the writings of William Shakespeare, learning about Hamlet and the sonnets is tedious, maybe, or enjoyable, but it’s really just about reading and remembering.

Lessons outside of yourself can sometimes turn and crash into your truth, though, throwing you into a whirlwind of questions.

Hamlet is a troubled young man whose comfortable life slipped away from him when his father died. In Hamlet’s famous To Be or Not To Be soliloquy, the audience is allowed to enter into the mind of this self-important protagonist questioning his very existence. He was uncomfortable with the lessons he was learning about himself.

That’s what you call introspection when the soul isn’t ready for the lessons!

Remembering him, I wondered about myself. How similar are we? I’m not a privileged young man whose cushy existence has been shaken up a little. Or am I? The point is Hamlet’s problem points out a true issue in myself and, I’m wondering, if humanity also resonates with this. How often do we give ourselves the opportunity for soul-searching?

I understand why we don’t, though.

Lessons about ourselves, about the reasons we do things, about the inner workings of our mind and our heart, can make a day at school call up an earthquake of emotions.

That’s how I know I’m learning.

A leap of faith
Sometimes, delving into yourself can feel like stepping off a cliff, but, remember, you will land in the hands of the Source that loves us unconditionally.

Most people don’t understand. Family and Facebook friends especially wonder because I don’t share the inner workings of my soul. On those days when the lessons are exceedingly difficult, I have trouble putting on the mask of contentment. The questions winding through me like rivers rush unchecked until I have an understanding of my reactions.

It’s getting easier now.

The more I break through, the more I grow and the more I love myself and the reality into which I’ve stepped. Well, most days. I just compared myself to Hamlet, for God’s sake. I’ve got more digging to do now!

Your assignment for today, my friends: take some time to look within. Ask yourself why you do the things you do. But start out small.

Ask yourself why you did ONE thing, just one. Don’t settle on the easy answer. If you say because you wanted to make someone happy, ask yourself why. If you say because the Universe was guiding you, ask yourself why you accepted the guidance, ask yourself what you were thinking. If the answer is you weren’t really thinking, then ask yourself why your questioning had shut down.

There are no right or wrong answers, just the truth that will open your eyes and set you free from the matrix that entraps us all. And if what you learn about yourself troubles you, and you don’t have a trusted teacher to help you, use your study-buddy. Email me at

Happy lessons, my friends, even if the happiness takes a while to materialize.


The Dragonfly’s Student


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