I’ve been Musing on how humanity defines the word “followers” nowadays, because I think the true meaning has been muddled.

In the Biblical sense, as in “a follower of Christ”, it implies people who set out on the road to be with Jesus and to learn from Him in His actions and preaching. …. At least that’s what many think.

According to Merriam-Webster: since 1828, the word has meant:


  • one in the service of another
  • one that follows the opinions or teachings of another
  • a machine part that receives motion from another part
  • one that imitates another
  • a spring-loaded plate at the bottom of a firearm’s magazine that angles cartridges for proper insertion into the chamber. 🤔
  • Archaic: one that chases or a sheet added to the first sheet of an indenture or other deed, as in “the following page.”
  • Then, rounding out the collection of varied definitions from Webster, FANDEVOTEE; and, most recently, one who subscribes to a “news” feed or a fan page to follow a celebrity’s latest updates.

But I think it means something else; something that I don’t think many understand. I know I don’t fully understand, which is why I’m musing on it now.

If I am to sacrifice as Christ did, it would require me to live at a time when an innocent man or woman could be nailed to a cross with no legal representation. I don’t want to live in a world like that. Thanks to the sacrifice of Christ, I don’t. Thank you, Jesus.🙏

“So my sacrifice means everyone could be free, … Heck yeah!” Christ, when God gave Him the plan.

I wonder if being a “follower” is more like that archaic meaning of the word, as in, “the following page.” The next page, or the next Christ.

Didn’t Jesus say “you will do greater things” (John 14:12)? Christ gave His life, we are told, for us. But how can the unjustified crucifixion of an innocent man lead us to do more? What now? Are we going to file a class-action-lawsuit based on Christ’s crucifixión?

No. That would be a waste of time. It would be better, I think, if we just focus on being our own Imitation of Christ with what makes us happy and fulfilled, as long as we, like Christ, focus on loving our neighbor.

In my Heaven, all of us would live our joy and love our neighbor, reaching a hand to help our brother up from the bottom of the bucket that is the crabs-in-a-bucket lives we have been living.

Side NOTE: 🤔 the word crucifixión is not spelled like fiction, but it sounds exactly the same! Maybe the story of Christ is fiction (like THEY want us to think), or maybe that’s what we’re supposed to think … That it’s not true, that it’s make-believe, like (they want us to believe) Mary Poppins or Ariel the Mermaid. … Our handlers and controllers would not want millions of people realizing Christ was right! We’d topple the game board wouldn’t we? So that couldn’t be right.🤦

As I followed that train of thought, that, as a follower of Christ I should strive to be more like Him, who said “leave (your) family and follow me.” (Luke 14:25) I wondered, how can I truly follow Christ?

One of the main lessons I have learned in my studies is that we have to break out of the world. “Be in the world, but not of the world.” … no longer ruled by sin, nor bound by the principles of the world. (Romans 12:2)

That’s a difficult world to break out of. That’s the world we think we have been born into because we were taught our goals included: marriage, two kids, a good job and a nice house. That’s a hard Truth Pill to swallow … That is NOT the World followers of Christ should desire. That is a reality of Want and Desire, meaning … We will always be Wanting what we Desire.

Is it that easy? Change my mind about that reality of Desire? No. And, let me tell ya, changing our thinking (or Repentance) is NOT easy. It’s about reprogramming a lifetime of programming about what we Should want.

Once we’ve broken away from that world, I’ve learned from my studies, we would be forced to Stand for our Truth, not the fictions that have been fed to us … Fictions like, we, too, could be movie stars or winning athletes or mega-millionaires. Actually, fictions like that’s the life we want to live.

I say that because, what I’ve learned in my 55-years-and-counting of living, is that what brings me joy and satisfaction has nothing to do with being followed like some one-hit wonder American Idol. Or that having so much money that I could buy anything I wanted is what would make me happy. THAT is the lie.

The Joy I have found is in the love and peace I feel KNOWING that despite what goes on all around me, I am LOVED beyond belief by a Creator that knows how I feel and what I need.

After a lifetime chasing the dreams I thought I was supposed to chase, like to be a Watergate-revealing journalist, or a stadium-packing rock star or a myth-creating author, I’ve re-thought the goals of my youth.

You see, I’ve chased them all, like a good, little minion of society.

Finally, after winning second place in a literary contest and still NOT being able to get an agent or a publishing deal, despite the fact I had completed half a dozen or so full-length novels or screenplays, I realized there was something backwards in what I had been fed by society.

So I tore myself out of a reality that was killing my soul, and pulled myself away from everything I had worked my life to attain.

It took the destruction of that life to teach me that my greatest joy is the relationship I have with my Creator and the Blessings He has given me: the people I love, the peace and security I feel every day, the fact I’m healthy, alive and enjoying a beautiful sunset this afternoon with those I love. That is what is really important to me. That is all I ever really wanted.

And that is A-Ok for me.👍

I will continue to live my life day to day, learning what I choose to learn, whether it is crocheting a baby blanket for my niece, or a beanie hat for my cousin’s son or Amigurumi crochet toys for my own now-adult sons, just for fun.

Or learning to become a master on my lyre harp as my Beloved sings along on his flute. (Pronounced Laire or “lare”, as in the Locklin’s Lair name I had for my classroom at Palmetto Senior High School — My own slice of heaven back then.)

Those moments of peaceful growth are what bring me joy. That is what makes me feel I am finally living Heaven on Earth.

I encourage you, my friends, to feel inspired to live a life that is an imitation of Christ, in your own unique and special way. After all, He is “the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” (John 14:6) Follow the path He laid out to help us understand.

Remember those WWJD bracelets from the 90s? What Would Jesus Do if He were you right now? I wish that fad would return. It made Him real to many when we put Him in our place. That idea was also popular in the 1890s, as in the novel In His Steps, by Charles Monroe Sheldon, that tells the story of a pastor and his congregation after they decide to live their lives as Jesus would live. It was an Awakening for them and for me.

So, my friends, I encourage you to Learn to let the essence of Christ guide you along the way, as you find your own slice of heaven and live it.

May you find the Joy of the Almighty Creator within you.

God Bless you.

All my Love,

The Dragonfly’s Student



  1. It was beautiful! As a young adult I kept w me a book called Imitation of Christ, which had thoughts on how to follow Christ’s footsteps. It was a very small book that I carried in my purse. Then when WWJD started I also kept it as my mantra. I have to tell you a story of me trying to pursue Mother Theresa’s ideals. I am and have always been very proud of you. 😘🥰🤗

    On Fri, Mar 26, 2021, 10:36 AM The Dragonfly’s Student wrote:

    > molga7 posted: ” Musing on how humanity defines the word nowadays, because > I think the true meaning has been muddled. In the Biblical sense, as in “a > follower of Christ”, it implies people who set out on the road to be with > Jesus and to learn from Him in His actions ” >

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